AHAVA Women's Fellowship

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"Ahava" is the Hebrew word for "Love". However, the true meaning is a little deeper. "Ahava" is a verb and emphasizes action more than feelings or words. The women of Healing Rain Ministries strive to live that out every day. They

have been involved in a variety of functions and each play a different role in

our church. Along with having a monthly meeting to encourage each other, share, and pray, they also have a lot of fun together. Ahava meets on the

1st Saturday of each month at 4PM.


The women's ministry has raised money for the children's church, organized

gift food baskets at Christmas and Thanksgiving, collected items for care packages for our troops, and has done a variety of other activities to reach

out to those in the church and in the community. If you would like to get

involved or find out more information about women's ministry, please

contact Pastor Elly at elly@healingrainminstries.com